Philodendron Mayoi
Philodendron Mayoi
Philodendron Mayoi
Philodendron Mayoi
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Philodendron Mayoi

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Talk about planty hello's and goodbye's, the Philodendron Mayoi 'Tahiti' loves waving at you anytime you pass by. Expressing itself with its glorious pinnatifid leaves resembling hands with fingers! The more mature your plant gets, the more this hand looks like a fierce dragon face. These plants are easy to grow in a bright, indirect light. They are great for beginners because they will take a fair bit of neglect.

Zone: 8+

Fair Trade Import

Indoor Difficulty: Moderate

Outdoor Difficulty: Easy; this plant is found in tropical regions

Lighting: Bright Indirect light

Water: Water when the top inch of soil is dry and no water left in tray

Temp: Prefers temps 65-90 degrees F; death under 55 degrees F

Humidity: 60-80%; ensure proper airflow

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