Our Story

When you support Wall of Plants, you support our ideologies, our principles, and our goals. We think it's important that you know exactly what you're supporting when you buy a product or service from us. That's why we made this beautifully candid About Us section.

At Wall of Plants, we believe plants are an opportunity. They're an opportunity for self-discovery, mending relationships, growth (pun intended), a healthy work environment, healthy breathing, conversation, learning, personal growth, we could go on and on. But are you seeing a trend? Plants are an opportunity to bring JOY into someone's life, and that is exactly what keeps us growing.This means we are committed to making your experience with us as easy as possible; before, during, and AFTER your purchase.

As self-proclaimed spreaders of joy, we have a couple of other things we need to keep in mind, like our environmental impact! We seek to make our operation as environmentally sustainable as possible. That means collecting boxes, product padding, and other reusables for our product shipments. It also means using organic fertilizers, collecting rainwater, and creating a robust biological environment that naturally brings predators for our pesky little pests. We've learned all about sustainability to make your purchase environmentally friendly and worry-free.

Sustainability does not stop at plant care and packaging. It also extends to our plant sourcing. We guarantee each and every one of our plants is part of a Fair Trade deal with an international grower that cultivates their crops instead of poaching them. Shop Wall Of Plants collections with confidence knowing we did as much in our power as possible to bring a sustainable, fair trade product right to your home.

We aren't just spreaders of joy and minders of environmentalism, though some would call that enough. We also care about those whom we employ. Every. Single. Employee receives a livable wage. While we aren't out here employing thousands of people like Amazon, we care deeply about the ones we do employ. Our business creates a living for beautiful plants and beautiful people alike. We realize that is a HUGE responsibility and we take it very seriously. That's why we give our folks room to grow, advice to live by, and a smile to carry them through the day :)

Employee wellness is not the only thing we take "super cereal." We may not have outright said it, but did you know we are just absolutely head over heels for PLANTS? We treat plants like a living being because that is exactly what they are! Plants have shown us some of the most amazing perseverance and that's why we gravitate towards them. Sometimes, we take a seat in the greenhouses and just sit in their amazingness. They are such a calming species of creatures and we cannot wait to show you our passion for them.

Lastly, we care about you and who you are no matter who that is. We want to celebrate your heritage, culture, sexuality and everything in between. So come on over and make sure to bring your whole-ass personality so we can find a plant that ~matches your energy~