Philodendron Stenolobum
Philodendron Stenolobum
Philodendron Stenolobum
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Philodendron Stenolobum

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The Philodendron Stenolobum is one of our absolute favorite plants here at Wall of Plants. This one gets BIG, looooong leaves with exaggerated lobes and a beautiful dark green color. They resemble the Billie a bit, but instead of potentially long inter-nodal spacing you see with the Billie, the Steno will keep short inter-nodal space. Grab this easy grower for yourself or your favorite beginner plant friend.

Zone: 8+

Fair Trade Import

Indoor Difficulty: Moderate

Outdoor Difficulty: Easy; this plant is found in tropical regions

Lighting: Bright Indirect light

Water: Water when the top inch of soil is dry and no water left in tray

Temp: Prefers temps 65-90 degrees F; death under 55 degrees F

Humidity: 60-80%; ensure proper airflow

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