Philodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Florida Ghost
Philodendron Florida Ghost
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Philodendron Florida Ghost

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The Philodendron Florida Ghost is one of the best things to make it out of the state aside from all those “Florida Man” news stories. Florida Ghost offers some pretty interesting foliage character to your indoor decoration. The new leaves first appear white and slowly fade to their “hardened” green color. Don't get sucked into that whole "Mint" verbiage, they ALL have that characteristic :) Keep a moss pole nearby, this one loves to climb.

Zone: 8+

Fair Trade Import

Indoor Difficulty: Easy

Outdoor Difficulty: Easy; this plant is found in tropical regions

Lighting: Bright Indirect light

Water: Water when the top inch of soil is dry and no water left in tray

Temp: Prefers temps 65-90 degrees F; death under 55 degrees F

Humidity: 60-80%; ensure proper airflow

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