Philodendron Gigas
Philodendron Gigas
Philodendron Gigas
Philodendron Gigas
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Philodendron Gigas

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The Philodendron Gigas has stunning velvety leaves that are oblique in shape. They look a bit melancholy as they flow from base to apex. They are an interesting philodendron that vine in a small vertical column. This one is a slow grower and every leaf comes out with a reddish hue before hardening a deep green with brown outlines. If you like Micans,  Melanochrysum, or other velvety plants, you'll love this plant.

Zone: 8+

Fair Trade Import

Indoor Difficulty: Moderate

Outdoor Difficulty: Moderate; this plant is found in specific tropical regions

Lighting: Bright Indirect light

Water: Water when the top inch of soil is dry and no water left in tray

Temp: Prefers temps 65-90 degrees F; death under 55 degrees F

Humidity: 60-80%; ensure proper airflow

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