Raphidophora Foraminifera
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Raphidophora Foraminifera

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Order now and you will receive a medium sized Fair Trade Anthurium Magnificum plant with established roots, a care card with specific rebounding instructions, a *limited* Wall Of Plants sticker, all bundled up in an up-cycled package :)

Heat packs are provided at no extra cost. After all, happy, healthy plants are our number 1 priority!

Plant Characteristics

  • Stunning large leaf plant with beautiful silver veins
  • Wider leaf than the Crystallinum
  • Moderate difficulty
  • Grows year long in zone 8+

Item Details

  • Plant received will not be exact plant in picture
  • Plant is medium in size with 2-4 leaves


  • Bright Indirect light is best
  • No direct light
  • Filtered light when outside
  • No direct light


  • Water routinely according to need, ensure well-draining pot and medium are used
  • During summer season, water every couple days if you have an excellent draining medium-ensure not sitting in water
  • During winter months, cut back watering

Temp & Humidity

  • This plant is found in tropical regions and will grow all year long in zone 8+
  • Prefers temps 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Prefers humidity 70-90%

Soil & Fertilizer

  • Soil comes with Wall of Plants Aroid Chunk Mix
  • Fertilize twice a year with tropical plant fertilizer
  • Less entering winter months
  • Plant needs re-potting annually or if root-bound

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