Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata
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Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata

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The Monstera Albo has its place among the best collections in the plant community. This stunning mutation is highly sought after because of its pure white sections and thick split fenestration characteristics. Not only does this plant improve the air quality in your home, but watching it grow provides a wonderful hobby. These cuttings are shipped separate with roots to help the transition. Keep in touch and we will help you along the way to making this a centerpiece in your collection.

Plant Characteristics

  • Stunning large leaf plant with beautiful white variegation
  • As plant matures leaves get split pattern 
  • Moderate difficulty
  • Grows year long in zone 8+

Item Details

  • You receive one single leaf Monstera Albo node that has been rooted in water
  • item shipped in ball of sphagnum


  • Bright Indirect light is best
  • No direct light
  • Filtered light when outside


  • Water routinely according to need, ensure well-draining pot and medium are used
  • During summer season, water every couple days if you have an excellent draining medium-ensure not sitting in water
  • During winter months, cut back watering

Temp & Humidity

  • This plant is found in tropical regions and will grow all year long in zone 8+
  • Prefers temps 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Prefers humidity 75-90%

Soil & Fertilizer

  • Fertilize twice a year with tropical plant fertilizer
  • Less entering winter months
  • Plant needs re-potting annually or if root-bound

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