Monstera Acuminata
Monstera Acuminata
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Monstera Acuminata

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The Monstera Acuminata is closely related to the Adonsonii species but features different shapes and textured unique to its own species. The Acuminata is the perfect plants if you want the beautiful fenestration of the Adonsonii without the size of the Adonsonii. This air scrubber is perfect for a moderate grower's collection. Place indirectly in light and water weekly.

Zone: 8+

Fair Trade Import

Indoor Difficulty: Easy

Outdoor Difficulty: Easy; this plant is found in tropical regions

Lighting: Bright Indirect light

Water: Water when the top inch of soil is dry and no water left in tray

Temp: Prefers temps 65-90 degrees F; death under 55 degrees F

Humidity: 60-80%; ensure proper airflow

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